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What we are about…

My name is Betty and my Husband is the Caveman… and that he is… and a very opinionated one at that!

We put up this blog to discuss all the crap going on in the world today! That’s right discussing crap, that’s what we’re doing here!!

Do you know about the mounds of crap in the Government?
Do you know about the crap practices of some game makers?
Do you know about the crap in most conventional food these days? Do you know about how the oil and fracking industry is contaminating the crap out of our fresh water supplies?

These are a few of the hot topics we plan to discuss… join in if you have something valid to share!! We also plan to one day in the near future, start a radio show and do live rant discussions about all this crap and we will also have live chat in sessions as well! So join the fun… come inside the cave and make yourselves at home!

Caveman and Betty
Caveman and Betty

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